Web Developer for Hire

My name is Dennis Sheridan. I build websites and web applications. It’s pretty awesome: you hire me and we’ll work together to implement your ideas and make them even better.

I'll pull from an expansive bucket of open-source tools (and, if needed, create the stuff that doesn’t already exist). I can be part of your development team or I can be your development team. I'll make it really easy for you and tailor my work to your needs.

Drop me a line if you want to talk more.

Background Info

I have nearly 20 years professional experience in the IT and digital media world. I've built websites and/or applications for all flavors of industry including manufacturing, communication, healthcare, startups, food and beverage, finance, education, science, entertainment (and more). With a specialization in application and ui development, I can offer the rare combination of back-end engineering capabilities to pair with very strong front-end skills. I build off previous efforts for every project, while striving to stay current with the latest technology trends and best practices (the learning never stops). I currently reside in San Diego, CA where you might find me surfing when I'm not glued to the computer or spending time with my wife and two children.

It's impossible to compile a concise list of everything I do and doubtful that your web development needs might fall outside the spectrum of my aptitude, but here are some specialties:

  • Full Stack Application Development. (Preference toward Ruby and React/Redux)
  • Website Development
  • Custom WordPress Theme and Plugin Development.

Regarding the name, "Electric Bison," that's a long story for another time :)

Selected Work Samples

*This portfolio (like this site) has not been updated in a few years. I'm happy to share more current work if interested.

Between myself and my design and development partners, there is very little that cannot be achieved from projects of small scope to large-scale needs. Send me an email and we'll start the conversation.


I love hearing from people of all walks – especially if you want to talk about a project.

Send me an email and I'll respond as soon as possible.